Facial Massage

Aside from giving you a fresh and younger-looking complexion, one of the amazing parts of receiving a facial treatment at a spa is to experience a gentle facial massage that can last for a day. Remember, beautiful skin is a reflection of your current mood or how you might be feeling, so don’t wait for another set of new appointment just to get the benefit of the facial massage.

You can simply give your skin a facial massage twice or thrice a week right at the comfort of your home while waiting for your next facial treatment appointment. You just need two skincare products with you, shocked? Don’t be! Facial cleansers and moisturizers are the only things you need to massage your face. So what are you waiting for? Grab whichever brand that you prefer or love to use, then continue to read on and find out how you can add facial massage to your weekly beauty regimen.

You may also buy a facial massage device like FasciaBlaster if you like to maximize the effect of the relaxation and benefits to your face. Though it is not required, you may also try for a better result.

Step #1: Clean Your Whole Face

Of course, you don’t want to massage your face while having dirt and other impurities into your skin, right? That’s why it is recommended to wash your face and your hands before to start your facial massage session.

You may start by washing your hands thoroughly and get your foaming facial cleanser to prove the cleansing effect. Facial cleanser has formulas to deeply clean and removes deep-seated dirt in your face while leaving any dirt residue.

facial massage session

Simply, wet your hands and face with lukewarm water, then place a small amount of cleanser into your fingertips and create a foamy lather. Massage the lather onto your face in a circular motion. Rinse your face by using lukewarm water and dry it using a soft face towel. After drying it off, you’ll have a clean and fresh face which is now ready for a facial massage.

Step #2: Put Your Moisturizer between Your Hands

Have you tried getting a facial massage before? You’ll notice that the esthetician doesn’t dry their hands over your face. Instead, they massage your face using a moisturizer onto your skin. Doing so can make their hands to smoothly slide over your skin without using force such as tugging or pulling. You may also use this kind of technique in your home to do a DIY facial massage. Just simply rub an ample amount of moisturizer or facial oil between your hands to warm up the cream before you apply it to your face.

Whatever you prefer to use, whether it’s a moisturizer or facial oil, or if you choose both, simply put a few drops of facial oil into your moisturizer to achieve a better result.

Step #3: Apply Gentle Pressure in an Upward Circular Motion

Congratulations! It’s now time for a facial massage. Simply start at your chin below, climb up towards your temples and don’t forget to apply gentle pressure in an upward circular motion. Then, make sure to move your finger above your lips, climb up towards your temples again.