Have you ever heard of fascia? Most of us have not. Only a few know that it is a part of our body. And yet, there is this crazy trend about a certain tool called FASCIABLASTER. It is a tool used for fascia blasting. Women and men alike are now fascinated with this tool. Let us take a deeper dive into fascia blasting and the science behind this method.

What is fascia? Why do we need to keep it healthy?

Fascia is the communication system of our body. It is the connective tissue holding us together. It interacts with all our other systems. It is protective by nature. The body signals the fascia when it senses an imbalance, injury, or misalignment. The fascia then protects the body. It camps down and adheres to fortify the affected area. This fixes a temporary issue. The long-term effect is that you have fascial adhesions. As well as restrictions in your body. These lead to pain and misalignments. It is best to keep your fascia healthy so your body feels great and functions at its best.

How does FasciaBlaster work?

Its claws comb through the fascia to loosen the tightness and restriction. The function of our body becomes limited when there is fascial adhesion. It also experiences pain and discomfort. The FasciaBlaster releases those adhesions. This allows the body to function at its full capacity. Thus, improving our quality of life.


What are the other benefits of fascia blasting?

Ultrasound imaging shows the fascia smoothing out down to the deeper layers. There is also a reduction in cellulite. As well as an increase in the resting metabolic rate. There is also a decrease in subcutaneous fat and inflammation. There were no signs of stress or damage to any organs or internal structures.

Where can you use it on your body?

You can use it almost anywhere on your body. Be sure to apply very light pressure on areas with lymph nodes or major arteries. It is best to warm up with a hot shower before your fascia blasting. This will yield the greatest results. This puts the fascia in a more malleable state and will enhance your results. Put oil on the area you are going to fascia blast. Then rub the tool up and down or side to side. You should avoid circular motions. A light, massage-like motion called flushing is great after your session. It gets the blood flowing. This improves your recovery time.

How often should you use it?

It is like starting an exercise program. First-time users should ease into treatment at their own pace. New users should start out with a few short sessions in their first week. This will allow their body time to adapt and recover between sessions. They should be sure to continue doing more frequent sessions. This will allow them to use the FasciaBlaster more often. Three to five times per week will give the best results. But there are those who enjoy daily sessions.

Everyone needs to treat and address their fascia. There are alternatives if you do not want to use the FasciaBlaster. Yoga, stretching, and regular massages are some.