bee sting therapy

Bee venom is derived from bees and this might be strange but the effectiveness of bee sting is just too much. Bee venom is a colorless and acidic liquid containing anti-inflammatory and inflammatory compounds. It is used for treating nerve pain, swollen tendons, and also if you have conditions like fibromyositis, etc. Getting a series of bee stings under the skin is beneficial for reducing the reactions of the bee stings with people having severe kinds of allergies.

After the immunotherapy, the risk of the reaction becomes about 5 to 10 years. The live bee stings remain in the body increasing the doses to 20 times given in 3 times doses in a week. If the same is not treated for 24 weeks, it can lead to problems like disability, fatigue, etc.

  1. How does the bee venom work?

The bee venom is given under the skin for making it more effective and treating many health conditions. It also helps in improving the immune system helping in reducing the severity of the allergy to bee venom.

bee sting therapy

  1. Other safety concerns

Effectiveness of bee sting is given to those only under expert professional guidance. Some people might get redness and swelling in the area also. Some side effects are anxiety, itching, chest tightness, etc. Side effects are worst seen in people who have got the high bee sting.

Taking medications to decrease the immune system from working properly. When you are taking bee sting, be cautious, and consult with the doctor once. Bee venom also helps in increasing the immune system reducing the effectiveness of the medications in the immune system.


Bee venom is beneficial but you should know the correct use of it. When you consult with the doctor he can give you the exact amounts that you must take.