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All of us have a dream figure in our heads that we fantasize about but fascia stands in our ways. We are always trying to put our bodies through a lot of exercising and strict dieting yet, we often end up straining and fatiguing ourselves with a little to no effect. This might turn out to be stressful, painful for muscles and no-immediate efforts might be frustrating. However, with fasciablaster, all of these issues get resolved in no time.

What is fascia?

A continuous covering layer of connective tissues over our bones, muscles, nerves, and organs is known as the fascia. It is meant to give our body a shape and protect from the environment outside. It is made of collagen. It contributes to cellulite and aids in the movement of our body parts as long as it is healthy. However, with trauma or inflammation, it can tighten and start causing pain. The nerves in the fascia are very sensitive and it can turn out to be very painful and cause dimpling of the skin making it saggy. Neither the appearance nor the sensation of pain is tolerable.

fascia blasting

What is fascia blasting?

Manipulating fascia with a hard plastic tool called fasciablaster is done by the process of fascia blasting. This tool was invented by Ashley Black and has currently it has become very popular among all. The blaster is like a massage stick that is used to massage the whole body or any body part that needs loosening of fascia.

It is performed in the following way:

  • Warm-up the body with a hot shower or a heating pad.
  • Apply some oil on the area one wants to massage.
  • Gently rub the fascia blaster tool on the skin of that area to massage it in a scrubbing motion.
  • Massage for two to five minutes and repeat for other parts of the body as well.

As a result, it successfully gives firmer skin, less muscle or joint pain, reduced cellulite, and better circulation. Many trusted users share their shocking transformation stories after using this device. People suffering from the same should try it out.