bakery business

Choose which ovens you need for your business. There are many types of ovens available to suit each baker’s different needs. The first thing to do is comply with your local building and fire codes when purchasing a commercial stove. It would be a shame to invest in an oven that you cannot use because it violates the safety regulations in your area.

There are 4 main types of commercial ovens to choose from: convection, grill, stone, and revolutionary. The convection oven is usually the best option for baking individual bread and cakes. This type of oven is many times the most affordable and therefore the most popular. Use internal fans to circulate heat to bake baked goods more evenly. The rotary oven is suitable for baking large quantities of cookies and breads. If you are more concerned with volume, you may need an oven.

bakery business

The stone hearth oven is intended for artisan bakers who want to make bread according to the ancient method. As the name suggests, the dough is baked on a stone slab, so the result is a crispy crust with a deliciously soft interior. The best thing about these ovens is that they do not require a lot of maintenance, as they have few moving parts. The revolutionary oven bakes food using rotating trays. This allows you to bake a wide variety of products at the same time.

Some other industrial bakery equipment you may want to invest in are products that help in the initial stages of bread making, such as a kneader, proofer, and retarder. The mixer does what it says: mixes the batter. This type of machine will be more interesting for bakeries that produce large quantities of bread.


The proof cabinet is a machine that provides exactly the necessary conditions for the bread to rise before baking. The retarder block does the exact opposite, ensuring that the bread doesn’t rise until it needs to.