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Using your continuing education rights, training your staff, and choosing from among the nearly 40,000 training  organizations on the market often turns out to be a very complex task. However,  choosing the right type of Clinc CEO . A training organization is essential for a successful internship. The quality  of teaching, as well as the relevance of the content of the programs, largely determine the quality of training.


The distance learning industry offers a multitude of digital learning solutions that are increasingly popular with private companies and the education sector. A real management tool for the acquisition of knowledge at a distance, virtual classroom platforms are more and more sophisticated and now make it possible to offer high-quality distance learning experiences, in addition, to offer teaching strategies equivalent to traditional classroom training. The growing number and popularity of this type of e-learning platform quickly make the choice complex. It is, therefore, essential to know what they can offer you before making a decision. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to fully consider all the options.

Clinc CEO

Define your needs above all

Before comparing software, make sure you know the framework in which you will be using the platform. Your present and future distance learning needs will determine the criteria that your platform must meet. Structure your approach around the people who will have to use the software platform and take stock of the constraints they encounter during their learning process. This strategy will allow you to list the criteria that are important to you. You must, therefore, direct your reflections with regard to the situations experienced by learners and trainers:

Are you many learners?

  • Do you have to coordinate several pieces of training simultaneously?
  • How many simultaneous trainings must be supported by the software?
  • Do you want your interaction with participants to involve the use of audio-visual?
  • What is the level of technological ease of learners and trainers?
  • Will you need technical assistance for you and your participants?
  • Would you like to do workshops during your training?