Managing your work on time in this fast-paced world is a real challenge. If you are a medical professional, more specifically a dentist, you must be knowing better about this. How many times did you encounter sudden barge-ins in your clinic in the past week? And remember the times you had to avoid them since that time-slot was given as an appointment already? It so happens that the patient who has an appointment does not turn up and you already sent the other one who came in with pain with a next day appointment.

All these could have been avoided if you had used  Automated Appointment Reminders. There is no need for manual reminder calls to patients that go unattended mostly. It is pretty easy to set up an auto-message via SMS or email. This is delivered to the patient two to three times before the scheduled appointment starting from a week before. Patient response to the same should also be set up by way of reply message.

This will show up in your calendar. You will know if the patient has replied in the affirmative or otherwise and you can decide on your other appointments. It is very easy to use as everything is programmed in the software. You can also customize it according to your need and it is highly reliable. Your online calendar has all the appointment data and your work is made very simple now. So no more worries about messed up appointments and patient no-shows.