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The Internet is both a blessing and ailment – an environment in which nothing happens in a matter of minutes to become viral, regardless of whether it is good or bad, and the consequences that arise are simply noisy. Therefore, the same should be considered when marketing your business through All Social. Therefore, we have put together some tips that will help you avoid minor mistakes and will play an important role in creating the image of your business.

Do not make your page too personal or impersonal at the same time.

There is a fine line between the socialization of business and its excessive socialization. A business page is not a personal account, and therefore everything that is placed on it should be done carefully, carefully evaluating and analyzing its impact. Random news and backstage information from the company are absolutely good. However, you should always refrain from leaving personal opinions about any contradictions, as this seems extremely unprofessional on your part.

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Boring content should not be published

Yes, it’s important to publish relevant information related to your business. But always remember that there is a way to attract the views of your customers and interest them. Therefore, instead of publishing boring and boring content, it is imperative that you flip through your page with more fun, inspiring and interesting publications and stories and find the right balance between random and boring.

Do not publish too often, do not be late

All Social can be a great way to present and create your brand image. But then you must remember that you must find the right balance between publishing too much and no publishing at all. If the time interval between your two messages is too long, say, more than a week, this indicates to your customers that you are not aware of your account or are not interested at all.