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Do you want to have endless fun online? Then you should not hesitate to register at a social media platform where you can connect with ideas and people that will make your life even more interesting. If you are looking for the best way to get adequately entertained for endless hours, there is no better place to visit than a social media platform. There are many of them out there today and one may get confused about which one to patronize among these social media platforms. One social media platform that you should consider among the multitude out there today is neon other than All Social.

In this write-up, we will show you one or two things that make this platform one of the best social media apps to consider when you want to make friends.

Assured security

The popularity of this social media app is growing by the day and the developers are working double shift to ensure the complete safety of the end users. All the details you provide on this platform are safe and no one will ever be able to hack into your account.  Since inception to date, none of the end users of this social media platform had ever complained of breached security. While hacking other social media platforms have become a very common thing these days, you will never have to worry about such things on All Social. The security and safety of your account is assured here because new modalities are being put in place on regular basis to ensure this by the developers.

social media apps

Easy sign up process

The sign up process on this platform is very easy and straightforward. You will never be required to provide too many details when you register an account on this social media app.  You will only be required to provide your full name and then provide a password. After that, you will be asked to provide a method via which you can get your verification code.  You can then provide your phone number to receive the verification code. If you are not comfortable with providing your phone number, you can simply provide your email to receive the verification code.

After you have provided the information above, you will be asked to select your areas of interest; you are required to provide at least 3 areas of interests. This information will help the platform to determine the kind of information to make available to you and I can keep your account tidy at all times.