The Laser Eye Surgery Cost

At first, it might seem like a difficult task to evaluate the differences when comparing the cost of laser eye surgery from one eye surgeon to another. However, you can break down the probable costs by assigning costs to several categories.

The cost of laser eye surgery, for example, can be divided into the following: the type of surgical procedure that you plan, the skills and experience of the doctor, the clinic and the equipment that they will use for you.

PRK uses a laser to cut very small pieces of tissue from the surface of the cornea to change its shape. Although these procedures and recommendations for their application vary, a reputable clinic will charge per eye for each of these procedures.

The Laser Eye Surgery Cost

When you ask about the lasik cost in chicago, ask to make sure that the following is included in this eye procedure.

  • Is there an initial consultation?
  • Are all preoperative and postoperative visits included in the course?
  • Is this rate indicated, full rate? Or are there additional fees that I need to know?
  • Can we extend the payment for the period? If so, how much will my total payment be and what are these conditions? What is the interest rate?
  • Are prices shown for both eyes? Or does it depend on the acuity of each eye?
  • Is the improvement procedure included in the tariff? If so, what are the conditions for this?

Other factors that cannot be indicated, but which are related to service charges, are as follows:

  • The prestige and reputation of the clinic. This refers to the level of service, quality and safety of the clinic. Practitioners will set their rates in the services they offer.
  • The skills and experience of the eye surgeon are taken into account, how long he performs these operations.


The most important consideration when comparing the cost of laser eye surgery is not financial. It is that you are confident in the eye of the surgeon who will open your eyes.