e-cigarette online

Actual effects of smoking an e-cigarette

Some people think that an electronic cigarette is not at all harmful because it sends out only smoke. Many people are unaware that this smoke is equally as dangerous as smoking a regular cigarette. The electronic cigarette contains chemicals like nicotine, acetaldehyde, acrolein and other dangerous chemicals that can leave long term deformities in an individual’s body parts. The batteries used to run these devices are also made up of a lot of chemicals. They let out a series of radiations and glow when turned on, and these fumes are really dangerous for the human body.

Where do people get access to these devices?

People, including youngsters, buy it from dealers at different stores. Some of them also make use of e-cigarette online portals that sell these products on a large scale. The manufacturing units also have their websites where the rates of the products are slightly lesser. The rates have been reduced to get more people attracted and addicted to it and purchase it from their website. This is how such companies make money.

Addiction is a very bad thing. One should know their limits and abide by the customs and traditions followed by their families. Not everyone in this world is a smoker. There are millions of non-smokers, and why don’t others get influenced by such people. The majority well knows the impacts that an electronic cigarette can leave on people. Yet thousands of people are seen using these cigarettes in various events, on the road, in the park, at their homes, in schools and colleges, etc.

Solution for the reduction in electronic cigarette manufacture 

The e-cigarette online portal should be banned, and a fine should be imposed on such hosts. The manufacturers should also be fined and put behind bars. The law should be strict and equal amongst all citizens of the country. This is the only way to change how we are living right now. The advancement of technology must be used correctly instead of developing electronic cigarettes and selling them on open-source platforms. It is in the hands of the people to make a change. This change or an act of retaliation can create a better impact on our environment, society, and the country as well.