monthly fee

Paycom provides convenient technology for human resources and employee-based payroll management in a single software package to increase employee lifecycle. Paycom increases data integrity, improves efficiency, and provides HR information to employees via a self-service application. This article is all about the pricing of Paycom on Paycom Reviews.

Employees already manage their PTO, labels, and other benefits. They can now own their payroll, resulting in improved process oversight, unprecedented employee visibility, less employer accountability, and greater accuracy in their payroll.

Pricing details of Paycom:

You’re probably wondering the cost of this comprehensive payroll and HR software depending on the extensive features included in the Paycom platform. Unfortunately, Paycom Reviews does not add specific pricing information even it mentions “pay-as-you-go pricing.” Alternatively, you can request a demo and then collaborate with the Paycom sales team to determine the cost of the software for your specific business. As a result, while comparing with the cost of Paycom until you receive a quote from their team, there are some common factors to consider that may affect your pricing.

monthly fee

When it comes to quote-based payroll software, the cost is determined typically by the size of your business and the number of employees you add and pay through the system. It accomplishes by charging a base monthly fee plus a monthly fee per employee. You may also see additional charges for installation, a few tax modules, and specific tools or services within the platform. However, because Paycom does not provide pricing details upfront, you’ll want to make sure you understand what type of fees it charges, how its price is degrading on a monthly or yearly basis, and what features are available. It is included for a specific price when speaking with your sales team.


Paycom’s website does not provide transparent pricing information, making it difficult to determine if this is a viable solution for your company without speaking with its sales team. Furthermore, because you will only be aware of the prices that Paycom is offering your company, you may be paying more (or less) than other companies for the same service. Paycom’s quote-based pricing makes it more difficult to compare its service to other providers who list pricing information.