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Regarding ground transportation modes, provides Truckload Transportation Brokerage Service and extended fleet assistance from other great carriers that give us extra resources when you need them. In addition, as an asset-based freight broker with extensive experience, they guarantee that the extended team adheres to professional standards and treats your freight with the same level of high-quality care.

Full-Service Transportation and Logistics Brokerage

All aspects of the shipping procedure are handled by our freight broker solutions, from start to finish. Cowtown Express offers comprehensive logistics services ranging from warehouse storage to truck loading and road transportation across the United States and Canada andfulfilling contract logistics agreements. The full-service logistics broker team members ensure that your freight is delivered on time using simplified brokerage transportation services to ensure on-time delivery.

cowtown express

To provide you with timely and cost-effective freight brokerage services, Cowtown Express has assembled an experienced staff, a comprehensive network, and the necessary equipment. They want you to feel like you are their priority, regardless of whether you are a client, carrier, shipper, consignee, or anybody else in between.

While there are numerous options for transportation, you must have access to the main transit networks in the United States if you want to be successful. In addition, because of the high contract capacity, you have more freedom in arranging your shipments, allowing you to examine as many options as feasible. You may even put your faith in them for your freight shipment requirements!

Because trucks are sent directly to their destination, rather than making multiple stops or transfers, the danger of damage and delay that often accompanies conventional trucking services is reduced.


If you want complete services and the flexibility to send anything from huge equipment to palletized freight, Cowtown Express is the only company you’ll need. The company has the resources to meet your demands, whether straight trucks of any size or flatbeds and tractor-trailers.