Changes in an advertising agency 

From the statement “I’m bored” and explaining his point of why the world doesn’t need another huge marketing network but something different he wants to do on his own to an experience of over 30 years, going around 40 countries and working with 50 brands, he is a person of great capabilities and advanced Philosophy, about whom we are going to talk today. His life and his business are not only coinciding but also inter-tangled and inevitable to each other. A seasoned leader in the field of Marketing, attaining popularity globally, and a proven specialist in strategy framing of global brands for marketing deployment, operational change management, and anything that falls into the same sphere of business strategy. What indeed drives him is his unbeatable leadership skills and indomitable approach towards life. This man of great virtue is none other than Alexei Orlov, the Founder and Global CEO of his brainchild – MTM, Moments That Matter choice worldwide.

His vision

In February, 2017, Orlov dived right into his to-be brainchild mission with a 35 million dollars investor fund and his own liquid assets. Now was the time of framing the strategy he had been cooking in his mind, with groups of highly skilled, specialized, and distinct groups of individuals. His acquisition revolved around the cause and factor of what and how they contribute to the greater interest of the world, how they picturized themselves as a growing venture, and because he himself could visualize the places and ways in which he can add value to them, forming MTM, the venture which never looked back.

Changes in an advertising agency 

Moments That Matter – MTM

MTM is a boutique network created with a bunch of highly skilled practitioners, who are verified specialists in the activation of brands with high precision and optimization of media. It is less of a company and more like a family of wholly-owned subsidiary agencies with highly accomplished specialists, people in which are incentivized and rewarded regularly and consistently, according to the evaluation of their performances, to ensure they are satisfied with the company, it’s working atmosphere and the authorities. Hence, such motivates them to deliver constant growth and top-notch creative solutions for the approaching clients. Through efficient market-enabling technologies, these agencies are willing to lend their hands to the seeking brands and help them excel at the “moments that matter” for their highly esteemed customers and help them have the best experience possible. What forms the core of their service offerings is high precision and accuracy.

Hence, Alexei Orlov took every step, not only with his company but also with his life, very cautiously yet wisely. However, he wasn’t hesitant to take risks where required, which is the main essence of the accelerating growth of his company and his own immense success.