There is a financing platform that is integrated directly into retailers’ point-of-sale technology to offer qualified customers a buy now, pay later payment option for purchases made both online and in brick-and-mortar retail locations. This is possible in Credova. This buy now, pay later payment method allows customers to make purchases and pay over time without using their credit cards.

This financing option allows you to avoid paying for an entire purchase up front by breaking payments down and paying them off later. You know what your payments will be and when they will be made, and you have a set contract repayment plan.

Using your credit card isn’t always a bad thing. It does make sense to use a buy now, pay later payment method like Credova on occasion. There are also numerous ways to improve your financial history and health in order to improve your credit score.

Make a payment history that is positive

Payment history is determinant throughout the process by which credit assess your financial history and assign you a specific credit score. Do you think you always pay your bills on time? The ability to pay bills on time accounts for 35% of a person’s credit score. The better your credit score, the more consistent your payment history will be.

The rule of 30 percent

Examine your various lines of credit, including credit cards, and ensure that your credit utilisation, or the balance on your credit cards, does not exceed 30% of your total available credit. Balances that exceed 30% of available credit have possibility to harm your credit scores.


Using inquiries strategically

When you apply for new credit, a credit inquiry is usually performed. There are two kinds of questions. There is a hard inquiry and a gentle inquiry. They are sometimes known as credit pulls. It is ideal to limit hard inquiries to no more than one per year and no more than two on your credit report at any given time.

Hard inquiries are normally removed off your report two years after the inquiry. Every difficult query deducts 1-2 points from your overall score. Choose services that do soft pulls if they are available. Soft pulls have no effect on your credit score and do not appear as a hard query on your report. These inquiries are not reported to credit agencies. This will be more helpful for you to know about your credit.