The Benefits of Having Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Amazon knows a lot more about you than you realise. You provided, and continued to submit, a lot of information about you and your business as an Amazon seller in order to properly use the platform. It is possible that seller just signed into their own bank account from a computer or venue where another current Amazon merchant or a suspension or banned seller previously operated. When Amazon identifies a link between your Amazon seller accounts and another, you must either close the second account or establish your innocence. Try the website

Amazon Suspends Related Accounts

If you are suspended from Amazon for having connected Amazon seller accounts, do not start another account without Amazon’s permission. This might mean you will never be able to sell on Amazon again. You must confront the issue front on.

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Preventing Amazon Suspension

If you get a policy violation notification, the quality and timing of your answer will have a direct impact on your ability to maintain your account active. Your account will be terminated if Amazon sends several reminders and no action is done. Because receiving a linked accounts violation notification without having broken policy is feasible, avoiding suspension is primarily dependent on your efforts to remain up to speed on Amazon’s policies and react to the alert as efficiently and fast as possible. Check with

Amazon Devises Its Policy

Finally, the simplest and most proactive strategy to avoid Amazon suspensions for having linked accounts is to use correct channels and have Amazon authorise your new accounts. If you run more than one business and require a second Amazon seller account legally, Amazon may provide an exemption to the linked accounts rules. These exclusions are granted by Amazon through an application procedure that you must commence by providing a written request.