The Best Kinds Of Blinds Used In Homes & More

By offering privacy from nosy neighbours and shelter from direct sunlight, outdoor blinds are excellent for designing warm outdoor living spaces. They enhance any property’s visual appeal. You can enjoy the midday balcony or patio by employing outdoor blinds to block the sun. Today’s market offers a wide range of outdoor blinds, including window awnings, cafe blinds, shade-view patio blinds, full-block patio blinds, and aluminum or wood privacy screens. With so many options, choosing the blinds that best match the aesthetic of your house may be difficult.

Shade Factor offers cutting-edge shading products and thorough planning guidance for architects, builders, and homeowners. They have served as the sole agent for Warema of Germany, the most advanced and fast-growing producer of blinds in a country of Australia. Due to their cooperation and more than 20 years of experience in the field, they can offer exterior venetian blinds that may reduce the heating effects of radiation from the sun by up to 90% to create peaceful, comfortable interior spaces. However, internal areas can be made cosy and energy-efficient by using external venetian blinds:

  • With the tilting slats, occupants may still enjoy the outside view while adjusting the amount of natural light; daily lighting expenditures decreased significantly.
  • External blinds serve as insulators in the winter, preserving heat and reducing the need for artificial heating.
  • External venetians become a living feature of the facade when combined with sophisticated temperature monitoring and automation, reacting and moving to preserve the best possible light and interior comfort.
  • The two functions of venetian slats are to control sunlight and provide seclusion.
  • Most architectural designs are complemented by external venetian, which come in a different type of slat.

What slat profiles are available?

external venetian blinds

S Rolled-Edge Slats

The most common form is the rolled edge profile, which has a concave-convex blade with the benefit of an over-rolled edge for increased wind stability and 160° of rotation by the blades.

Flat-Edge Slats

A flat edge profile has a thin side of slat that stacks neatly and barely obstructs the view. Blades are unique flexible aluminium alloys bent by the wind and spring back into shape.

Dim-Out slats

The dim-out profile from Warema combines a specific interlocking form with the stiffness of a rolled edge slat to significantly limit daylight. Each slat has a rubber insert that forms a soft seal between them. Dim-out blinds adapted to different building types and construction techniques thanks to two slat widths and customised components.

Cedar Slat

Version with cedar slats provides the essential advantages of external sun shade together in a cosy natural appearance. SIKKENS’ clear finish is applied to premium Western Red Cedar to highlight the natural colours and offer long-lasting protection. The colour will gradually mellow to a grey hue and blend in with the other wooden design elements.

These are the multiple kinds of blinds commonly seen in many homes. It has numerous options accessible if you wish to have a blind fitted on your window. Choosing the best style of blind for your property will ultimately come down to personal preference. To maximise the benefits of the type of blind you select, it will also serve you well to learn more about it.

You can learn more about the many blind types at Warema, which produces them with German engineering excellence.