Understanding myopia and how to prevent it

Nearsightedness or “Myopia” is a prevalent eye condition that may affect anyone before they turn 20-years-old. If you have problems seeing an object just a couple of feet away from you, if your vision gets blurry, you may be nearsighted. If you want to know more about it and how to correct it, then you have come to the right place.

What is Myopia?

This condition affects a considerable percentage of the population. It does not only happen to adults but even to children too. It is so common that even school-age children are now wearing glasses because of nearsightedness. And according to eye experts, this upward trend will continue in the following decades due to the rampant use of gadgets in the younger generation.

Myopia Profile is short/nearsightedness is a defect where the person is unable to focus on distant objects, though they can see things that are near them. This happens when the eye is cannot relax its eye lens just quite enough to form the image on the retina. The final image is formed in front of the retina, and this causes the person to see blurred images when it’s far from them.

Causes of Myopia

Myopia Profile

Myopia is hereditary. If you have it, more than likely, one or both of your parents have the condition too. There is still no exact cause of myopia, but it is believed to result from hereditary and environmental factors. It means that there is a huge possibility that you can inherit moms’ or dads’ nearsightedness. And there is also a chance that you will develop it.

Is There A Cure To Myopia?

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for myopia, but there are ways to correct it. The condition will usually level off if corrected early, but it can also worsen with age. So if you are not using your eyes correctly, your nearsightedness can get worse. That is why getting your eyes checked as soon as possible is crucial.

There is a way to slow down myopia progression by wearing glasses or graded contact lenses. This can correct myopia both in children and adults. Some adults go through LASIK and LASEK surgeries to correct their visions. Aside from that, there are other solutions now getting more popular, like vision therapy, intraocular lens implant, and phakic intraocular lenses.

Preventing Myopia From Getting Worse

Since you can’t cure myopia, how can you prevent it from getting worse, especially in young children? First, it is imperative to limit their time on digital devices. If they use gadgets for the online school, they should take breaks between classes to stretch their eye muscles. Also, they should be encouraged to go outdoors but must be wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes.