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Nowadays, many entrepreneurs and sales people spend their time on internet. Many do not have offices, and spend most of their time pursuing various digital marketing techniques & creating digital products.

Whereas running your own online business will be very rewarding, it will make you feel as if you work in vacuum. You may not see and talk to your coworkers or customers except via email and over the phone. In this post, we will look why Smart Circle marketing methods will help you grow your online business.  

What’s Face to Face Sales and Marketing?

Face-to-Face sales and marketing is an act of marketing to the potential customers by in-person communication. Being the branch of marketing, this encourages brand-positive interactions via sales events, client meetings, in-store visits, product demos, and attendance. Sometimes face to Face sales and marketing is used synonymously with the experiential marketing. But, this type of marketing is highly focused on various events and trade shows.

Smart Circle

Why does FTF marketing matter?

It is simple: nothing will beat the real and tangible human connection. Most of the companies fail to create & maintain strong relationships with the customers. The business models mainly prioritize cost-effectiveness & operational efficiency over the customer experience. Thus, they struggle finding new customers as well as risk losing the current ones.

FTF marketing is one step in opposite direction. It gives you chance to get visible, know your clients, and address the concerns. People purchase from people that they trust and like, thus if they feel same towards you, then you will have won it over.

FTF marketing works better with the strong brand support

You cannot expect the brand ambassadors doing great job to sell face to face in case they are not backed by the solid marketing investment. Naturally people will gravitate to the brand with established identity.