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A philanthropist is a person who donates time, money, experience, skills, or talent to help create a better world. charles kim alpine is a person who is a member and co-founder of Alpine Group and a dedicated philanthropist.

Philanthropy means kindness in all its forms, often offering gifts for talent and treasures to make other people’s lives better. You can also be philanthropic by practicing giving and donating when you believe in it. In other ways, you can serve by working in a soup kitchen, tutoring teens, or by doing any volunteer activity to improve your ambition in life.

How to Become a Philanthropist

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If you wish to be a philanthropist, you don’t require a lot of money. Just spend your time on doing well; you will have an increased impact if you offer things to them. While offering, they offer educational resources like books, worksheets, and other required tools. This helps you to decide and make an action plan towards your goal.

Moreover, you can supply more gifts and services for your mission by using financial strategies. Set up a giving circle. This helps to bring the individual resources around a common cause to have a greater impact.

Some philanthropists are known for providing gift and service to the society in the way people like charles kim alpine and his wife, Jean Su Maeng Kim, served many students by providing scholarships. But many people who serve as philanthropists are not very famous. Some people are volunteering instead of contributing financially. A study found that more than 60% of donors are volunteers.


As philanthropists desired to solve many social problems and help others. Us federal tax department provides incentives for the philanthropists in various ways like providing donor with deduction against income, capital gain, and tax contributions.