thesoul publishing

TheSoul Publishing is a group of the highest YouTube channels and the owner of the 5-minute Crafts Family video, which is ranked as the ninth most-watched vertical on YouTube. TheSoul Publishing also owns the most performing short video to date, which has approximately 433 million views.

This summer saw the birth of Youtube Shorts, the video platform’s response to popular short-form content in the manner of TikTok. Already, the best artists in this sector are beginning to emerge as leaders in their field.

TheSoul Publishing was one of the first businesses to adopt this style, and in only the last two months, their content that is appropriate for all ages has already racked up five billion views. Its primary base for 5-Minute Crafts can be found on YouTube, where it just completed five years of content creation and has racked up 21 billion views. According to TheSoul, the worldwide pandemic, during which time statistics for short-form programming increased by 84 percent, was a significant contributor to the audience spike. According to Tubular, they also have one billion subscribers across all of their sites.

thesoul publishing

Innovation and new features

Rollo Goldstaub, head of content partnerships for YouTube, was quoted as saying, “The upward trajectory of TheSoul Publishing is so exciting — but what’s even more exciting is to see the multiple ways they continue to innovate through new features like YouTube Shorts.” “An upwards trajectory of TheSoul Publishing is just so exciting.” “Creators like TheSoul Publishing may try a new form of artistic expression to reach their audience by using YouTube Shorts. This adds another option for them to continue to expand their fantastic worldwide company via their YouTube channel.”

Additionally, thesoul publishing works along with TikTok’s in-app purchases (IAP), Facebook live broadcasts, and Pinterest Takes. Creating movies for more than 100 different channel brands in 19 different languages is part of the company’s approach, which involves combining creative work with data and analysis.