Car Shipping

If you are planning a long-distance move, car shipping is a viable option for transporting your vehicle. The best car shipping company is here to move your car wherever you need it, without any damage, and at your location.

Choosing a reputable company helps to move your car by using an exclusive, specially designed truck. Using enclosed transportation methods makes your car transport more secret and doesn’t expose it to the environment until the truck reaches the delivery location. This makes the transportation of costly cars safer. But the cost of the closed carrier transportation method is slightly higher than the open carrier transportation method. How the best car shipping company prices for their transportation service is explained below.

Factors that influence the cost of the transportation process are

  • Size and weight
  • Season
  • Miles
  • Fees
  • Drop-and-pickup option
  • Mode of transportation

Size and weight

A larger, heavier car is more expensive than a lighter one, and a larger car cannot be moved using enclosed containers.


Shipping a car during a holiday period may increase the price of transportation. The transportation cost may vary based on the season.


The distance to be delivered will increase the cost of transportation as it consumes more fuel. When shipping between major cities in the country, the transportation cost will be higher than the regular transportation cost.

Car Shipping


The additional fees will be added to the fuel consumed, insurance policy, rush delivery, and toll payments in the transportation process.

Drop-and-pickup option

Choosing the delivery option also varies the cost of transportation. The cost of door-to-door delivery is higher than the cost of terminal-to-terminal delivery.

Mode of transportation

Choosing a mode of transportation raises transportation costs. Enclosed transportation is more costly than open transportation.