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The common man likes to invest in those which is free from risk. An investment that has a low level of risk and high return will attract a larger group of people to do the investment. Such kind of low-risk investment option can be found at shubhodeep prasanta das business group with a good return.

Good return on investment:

Annuities usually come with a varied choice. The payments are made for specific times and dates and they are fixed as well as variable.

Way to earn from annuities- this serves as a guarantee to get the additional stream to get income for retirement. They are at a fairly low level of risk. Most investors intend to make the annuities as a supplement form of savings after retirement instead of an integral part of the funding.

Derivatives: this is a kind of financial instrument that drives its value mainly from the other asset. Like annuities, it has a contract between the parties. In this kind of investment, the contract is done in a form of an agreement to sell the asset at a certain rate in the future. If an investor agrees to buy the derivative, it’s like betting on the value of derivatives will not decrease. This kind of investment is the most advanced form of investment and they are usually purchased by the investors of the institution.

There are mainly three types of derivatives:

Options contracts– these allow an investor to sell or buy an asset in the future at a specific time and price. this provides a greater chance to buy an asset at a certain price and put options give the chance to sell the assets.

Future contracts– this serves as a contract that is committed to selling to be done on a specific time and date.

Swaps- this is a kind of agreement that takes place between two specific parties to exchange the flow of cash in the future.