Veeam software

Technology advances at a breakneck pace with no regard for people or businesses. If you don’t ride this wave, you will be left behind as virtualized environments passage. Veeam solutions are created with the future and present in mind, taking advantage of virtual environment technologies to save storage costs and boost the value of backups.

What is Microsoft Veeam? Veeam is designed especially for the virtualized world of today. Traditional backup methods were created for the physical world and have reactively modified for virtualization, which limits their versatility.

The Integrated Backup Solution

High availability for workloads running on-premises or in the cloud is just one of the many features you get with Veeam. What is Microsoft Veeam? To fulfil your corporate goals and budgets, you also receive the power to plan, test, set up, and strategize Data Replication. Just said, not backing up and restoring data to and from the cloud can also do virtual testing in advance to make your data security and recoverability comply with your service level agreements.

Rapid VM Recovery

Veeam eliminates the need to extract and duplicate backups with unique cutting-edge technology; instead, you can instantly launch a virtual machine from a backup. You can restart your virtual machine on any host if it crashes for any reason. Full recovery might bring place in the background, depending on the method no effect on users or your business.

Simple Off-Site Backups

Keeping data up to date for your disaster recovery site is a problem that often arises when gaining data protection. With the help of its integrated WAN Acceleration technology, Veeam offers flexibility so it can choose which data blocks to keep and which to transmit for backup.

Veeam software

It works well with the Veeam environment you already have.

The good news is that this Veeam Agent will integrate seamlessly into the environment if your business has already invested in or is considering investing in Veeam Backup & Replication. The backup data created by Veeam Agent can be stored in the Veeam backup repository you have already established in your business. It means you are no longer required to handle various backup environments for different endpoints!

Several options across several platforms

Veeam offers a variety of products, including its flagship Veeam Backup & Replication for several hypervisors (HyperV, vSphere, Nutanix AHV and newly RHV). Moreover, Veeam Agents for various operating systems are designed to back up physical computers, virtual machines (VMs) running on a publicare  cloud, or even VMs running on an on-premises hypervisor. For the backup of Office 365 (Onedrive for Business, Exchange, Sharepoint, and teams, there is also a solution called Veeam Backup for Office 365.