air compressor

A compressor is a automatic machine that increase the pressure of a gas by reducing its quantity. An air compressor is a exact type of gas compressor. There are 2 types of compressors: volumetric compressors and centrifugal compressors (also called dynamic ones). Air compressors are use in all developed processes and industrial application require best industrial air compressor

How to choose an industrial air compressor

To properly choose your air compressor, you first need to determine how often it will be used depending on the compressed air requirements of your application. You will also require to know if the compressor should be transportable, or if it will be install in a space. In this case, you must make sure that the compressor is well  ventilate to make sure optimal cooling by best industrial air compressor

transportable air compressors

. One or additional significant component to think is the incessant runtime of your compressor. Manufacturers usually point to a duty factor for their crop. This duty cycle determine how extended the compressor will run for one hour. A compressor with a 30% responsibility cycle can only operate for 18 minutes and must cool for 42 minutes.

Air compressors permit to employ of dissimilar portable pneumatic tools:  hammers ,  nailers ,  screwdrivers ,  hammers ,  blow guns ,  spray paint ,  sand , etc.

Motionless or transportable air compressors can also be of huge service in industry or agriculture, for example for:

  • The use of pneumatic tools on the production lines.
  • Blowing for the shaping of bottles or bottles.
  • The supply of pneumatic cylinders.
  • Sandblasting for the finishing of metal parts.
  • Spraying crops.
  • The ventilation of greenhouses, etc.

What is the recommended size for your compressor

To determine the size of your compressor, you must first know the maximum pressure you will need to power your tooling or pneumatic circuit. It can be indicated in  pound per square inch (psi), bar or pascal . Depending on the force, you may require a single-stage compressor (135 psi or 9 bar maximum) or a multi-stage compressor that will significantly increase the pressure (5,800 psi or 400 bar maximum).