purchase of a new home

Housing not by the plan, delay in delivery … The purchase in new real estate can quickly become complicated. To avoid any problem, it is better to start by choosing the right promoter.

Buying a new home, a long-term project not to be taken lightly

Venturing into the project of buying a new home is not an easy task. Indeed, this is a long-term process that requires going through several key steps: the well-defined financing of the project and the obtaining of real estate credit from a bank, the choice of accommodation, the signing of the reservation contract, not to mention the different phases of construction that must be followed closely until the delivery of the keys! These are all crucial steps that must not be neglected if one wishes to obtain the good of one’s dreams. To be sure to go after such a project, it is better to take precautions, starting with choosing the best real estate developer.

best real estate developer

To make the right choice, bet on a serious real estate developer

A real estate Ki Residences Enbloc developer is a privileged interlocutor, it is he who guides buyers and allows them to avoid the pitfalls when buying in the new. He must be perfectly able to answer all the questions of his customers, in particular concerning the characteristics of a good, the processes of construction of this last one, as well as its deliverability. A real estate developer is, therefore, best placed to find the best new housing. To choose it, it is better to look at its previous constructions, on what he has already achieved, this will give you a good overview of the potential of your future apartment and what you can expect. You can also check if your promoter is joining a network of promoters like the REIT (Federation of Real Estate Developers), for more security.