home improvement stores in America

There are many home improvement stores in America but Home Depot attracts more DIYers and seasoned contractors. Home Depot drew a massive following because they provide more opportunities to save money. In fact, figuring how to save money at Home Depot became a sport for many shoppers.

If you want to save money on your next Home Depot visit, here are some tips you should consider:

Avail of their “Special Buy of the Day”

The good news is that many retailers in Home Depot offer “Special Buy of the Day”. This is a promotion where retailers feature items available exclusively online for 24 hours. If you are lucky, you can land up to 50% discount on featured items. You have to remember though that the supplies on sale are limited.

Aside from the discounts, some retailers also provide free shipping. However, the challenging part here is you never know what is on sale until you click it. If you do not want to miss any “Special Buy of the Day” event, make sure that you sign up for email notifications.

Just ask

You must know that Home Depot employees are allowed to give customers up to $50 off on different items without seeking the approval of their supervisors. The goal of this is to encourage the customers to make the sale however they can. To avail of this, all you have to do is ask.

Home Depot

Make the most of email coupons and promo codes

More good news for frequent shoppers – promo codes are sent through email and text often. The Home Depot online promo codes, for instance, are sent straight directly to your inbox offering 10-20% off on everything.

Know about their “Price Match Guarantee”

This type of guarantee will not disappoint you. Home Depot guarantees that if you locate a lower price on an identical and in-stock item from any of their retailers, they will match the price. There are some cases that they beat the other price by 10%.

Aim for their free delivery

Keep in mind that Home Depot has this policy offering free 2-day delivery on specific items purchased over $45. If you consider purchasing appliances online, the free 2-day delivery still applies but it is on appliances purchased over $396. If you are confused, it is always advised to read the Product Information before you finalize your transactions.

Check their Rebates Center

The good news is that an online Home Depot store features Rebates Center. This will allow you to get your money back. However, you should first check what products in your area it could be applied to.

Determine if you only need rental

Home Depot has this Rental Center that allows everyone to rent specific equipment without having to buy. In the end, you can save more cash.

Check their “Special Values” page

It is recommended to always check Home Depot’s “Special Values” page for items that are on sale. These items are categorized. You just need to click on the department, which can be seen in the left-hand menu then see what things are available.