certifications and Custom Awards

Nits that were purchased. Reviews of customers. Revenue from the year. All of these can bring to your core offerings credibility. Such “metrics” can, however, be faked — and consumers know that. Independent certificates are much harder to produce from objective sources. Winning credible third-party company awards can go a long way towards improving your credibility as a trusted brand that delivers. That last statement should be repeated. Award-winning companies are widely viewed as being more trustworthy and honest, even though customers are not aware of this perception. That’s why award-winning companies also emphasize as much as possible certifications and Custom Awards.

Benefits Of Becoming An Award-winning Business

Would you like more opportunities for your small business to compete for awards? Three more are to be considered here.

  1. Improved the morale of workers. Everyone on your team feels better if you earn a prestigious award. We appreciate their hard work gets remembered. This is great in the here and now, but it also means that your staff will be more inclined to defend they’re moving forward position. Something looks and feels better than for two more years in a row being “best in class.”
  1. Enhanced visibility. Winning company awards can help boost the profile of your business. The increased awareness does not relate to customers alone. They will also receive more attention from manufacturers, retailers, and investors — many of whom are reviewing reports and granting ceremonies for potential business partners.
  2. Higher prices. You can charge more for your products and services — and justify doing so — when you become an award-winning business. Consider, for example, the top restaurant near you. The praised restaurant may be selling the same fare as an upscale bistro down the street, but the 3-star restaurant can afford to pay higher food prices with an award under its belt — and few customers may challenge those higher prices.


Awards also help to raise awareness of your brand and your titles through the following ways:

Differentiation of the case. As each publisher aims to stand out in an increasingly challenging and changing market, awards differentiate a business from rivals and distinguish the value of its accomplishments from others.

Visibility. You and your names can be made more noticeable by prizes. By offering a company an advantage over its rivals, it will attract new clients, investors, and authors.

Validate. Awards speak volumes about the titles and services of a publisher and provide your achievements to be endorsed by third parties. Because it places you at the forefront of your genre and industry, being nominated or shortlisted can be helpful.

There are testimonials. This acts as a tribute to the work ethic, commitment, and particular expertise of an organization to be shortlisted or rewarded. The award attracts readers and authors who, if they have won a prize, are more likely to consider the work of a company or author over another. It also serves to strengthen brand and reader engagement.

It may be essential to submit to awards a critical part of your eBook marketing strategy, considering the benefits and the positive impact awards can have on staff, readers, and the business itself.