David Steinberg

The easiest way for an entrepreneur is to get a client. Getting a client can be as easy as clicking a finger, but sometimes it can cost you decent money. However, the ability to keep this customer and make him return is a difficult part.

This is why David Steinberg, a well-known management Zeta, insisted that the key function of the company should not be to maximize profits, but to get customers. Therefore, if a company spends most of its time searching for new customers, ignoring existing ones, it will not be able to block customers for a decent period.

The most expensive aspects of doing business are when you need to find new customers, but keeping them is the most profitable part with the help of David Steinberg Zeta.

Therefore, every time you try to reduce the budgets for attracting customers, you need to focus on some things.

  1. You must establish good relationships with your customers. You should not consider your client as a source of income. Give them the attention and respect they deserve.

Always ask your customers where you should provide improvements. You will appreciate how this works, as the client will recommend only more clients at the same time.

The good side of this approach is that your client can do most of the marketing for you.

  1. You must offer a good service or product. There are no two ways about this. You will often find that a customer has refused to do business with a distributor due to poor service.
  1. Always do polls. When you have time, you should do a general survey to get more information about the needs and requirements of the client. This ensures that you will have an idea of ​​the performance of your business and know if there is customer satisfaction.