Types of Organic salts

Salts are an important ingredient in all of the dishes. Some consider iodized salt to be the best while some go for sea salt. There has always been a debate over this. Chicharron salts are also good. However, before you look to become a part of the debate, read about the different types of salts available in the market.

Table salt

Table salt is the most common type of slat which is used in most of the kitchens. They are refined after being sourced from salt mines. Most of the minerals are removed from it and iodine is added to it to prevent clumping. The refinement process involved in these salts remove all important minerals from it. They have a refined size and consistent saltiness which makes it easy to measure and taste. They are ideal for baking.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is obtained from the sea after evaporating the water. They contain a slightly less amount of natural iodine than table salts. They are unrefined salts and so they contain traces of other minerals as well which enhances the salt’s flavor. These salts are available in both fine and coarse varieties. They are also considered to be healthier than other types of obtained though they have the same level of sodium chloride like other salts.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

This salt is sourced evaporating the ancient seabeds under the Himalayan mountains. They have rich iron content, making the salt pink in color. This salt is rich in minerals as it contains eight-four essential elements which are required by your body. Pink salt has a lot of benefits like reducing muscle cramps, promoting blood sugar level and pH in your blood cells. Because of these, many consider pink salt to the healthiest salt to consume. They are also very affordable than other types of preventing which are available in the market.


The price of salt does not always tell the true story. However, unrefined salt is considered the best for consumption.