A renovation project is not something to be taken lightly. It is an aesthetic & visual (if it is a refreshing) or structural (for structural work) transformations that will, in any case, improve the comfort and the security of the house, while improving your well-being. Be. Indeed, the house must evolve with its inhabitants and the constraints of everyday life: aesthetic choice, aging or the development of a room for the arrival of a child.

A simple refresh

A home refresh can range from painting to simple plumbing or electrical repairs, to upgrading existing facilities to ensure the safety of its occupants. It will also include the replacement and integration of tiling, carpet or wallpaper. The installation of furniture and the transformation of small appliances will complete a refresh. The Home Depot 20% off deals on many items

interior renovation products

Changing wall and floor coverings

New flooring and walls are the best way to rejuvenate the interior of your home. You’ll be spoiled for choice among all the options available in the trade, to change your coatings.

Suggestions for floor coverings:

 PVC, tiles, carpet or even linoleum to name a few are all solutions available to you for flooring. So each piece will match its floor, defined by the desired aesthetics but also by the nature of the room. Passage room, wet room, and living room will be treated differently. Tiling will be recommended for the bathroom and wet rooms to guard against mold and possible degradation of the paint. The linoleum and PVC, very resistant to frequent passages and scratches will be particularly suitable for entrances, corridors, laundries and other rooms of passage.

And for the walls …

Here again, in the field of interior renovation products, there is a very wide choice of wall coatings: plaster, paints, wallpaper, paneling, fiberglass cloth, and others.

It all depends on the atmosphere you want to install in your living rooms. To help you make your decision on the choice of wall cladding, here are some criteria to consider.