Research proved that listening to music improves our mental and physical health. As well as our social and emotional well-being. It influences our hormones and cognitive functioning. Here are some of the benefits of being a music enthusiast.

  • Happiness increased

It only takes about 15 minutes of listening to your type of music to get an emotional boost. Listening to your favorite music results to the release of dopamine. The brain unleashes this neurotransmitter. It is the reason for increased feelings of happiness, excitement, and joy.

  • Running improved

Runners who listen to motivational music ran faster than those who listen to calm music. Or those who did not listen to any music at all. The key to the enhancement of running performance is the choice of music. It should be something to inspire you to move forward.

  • Stress decreased and health increased

Music affects our hormones. Listening to your type of music decreases the level of the hormone cortisol in your body. This counteracts the effects of chronic stress. 60% of illnesses and diseases are often caused by stress. The lesser the stress means the higher the chances of well-being. Proactive listening can also boost immune systems. This is why people who play instruments or who sing have better results.

  • Sleep improved

The quality of sleep is better for those who listen to classical or relaxing music within an hour of going to bed. A Beethoven before bed is often a favorite of those who suffer from insomnia.

  • Depression reduced

Music can also be a natural antidepressant. The brain releases serotonin and dopamine when you listen to your type of music. This causes increased feelings of happiness and well-being. Norepinephrine is also released. The feeling of euphoria is a result of this hormone. Research proved that symptoms of depression can decrease. This happened in the group who listened to classical or relaxing music before going to bed.

  • Learning and memory strengthened

Learning and recalling information becomes more efficient when you listen to music. Musicians usually learned better with neutral music. But they tested better when they listen to their type of music. Non-musicians learned better with positive music. But they tested better with neutral music.

  • Verbal intelligence increased

A month of taking music lessons increased the verbal intelligence of children. They learn about rhythm and pitch. As well as melody and voice. This suggests that music training has a transfer effect. This is why these children have a better ability to comprehend words. And also explain their meaning becomes better.

There are so many more reasons. This includes the relaxing nature it provides to surgery patients. It also improves the recovery time for stroke patients. Music is therapeutical in a lot of ways. Are you an artist who would like others to experience these benefits? Create campaign allows you to reach out to as many people as possible. Share your music and let the world enjoy.