Marketing is not simply just asking people to buy from you. It is more than that. There are 7 Ps when it comes to this trade. Take a look behind-the-scenes. You will realize that marketing takes just as much hard work as you do with your own.


“Will I enjoy my product at this very moment?”

That is what they think about. They must know that the products they are going to market have value right at this very moment. The mindset of most people is, “I don’t need it now so I won’t get it” rather than “I need to think about my future, it’s better to purchase it now”.


Even if they want to sell it at a steeper price, believe them when they say that their product is already cheap. Marketers must know when their product is still worthy of a certain price. This means, it can be both lowering the price and might it higher, too. It is necessary, however, to continue to compete. This ensures that they will survive and continue on with their work in their market world.


They cannot sell their product without promoting it at first, correct? This one could be one of the hardest they will face as they have to think of different ways to capture the audience. To be frank, they also need the power of persuasion. Without it, then their sales will flop. Take note that even the slightest change they make will affect the sales drastically.



Now, thinking about these marketers selling their products in random places may not seem so life-changing. Well in fact, these marketers have to strategize where they believe their products are going to sell. The best example of this are the high-end condominium owners who want to sell units. This entails salespeople in the mall and other “high-end” locations where they know people can afford to buy them.


It is the first thing people will see, and it could also be the last thing they will look at from their sales. How marketers present their products should be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” probably does not apply to these kinds. People want to see something good, something great. And without proper packing, then the sales will definitely not be any good.


Much like packaging, positioning is also what people see in them. They should make an impression to you, the people. This is to ensure that they are not going to be missed out.


They must think of the people. It cannot be said that this is the most important step because every step is just as important, but they must know which sort of crowd they must be dealing with. They cannot sell an aircon to those who live in Alaska.