Types of Conversational AI

If you are considering conversational AI for your business, it is important that you know the different types that you can choose from. These innovations have surely made it easier for companies to provide effective assistance to their customers. At Clinc, they offer different types of conversational AI fit for every company. It is vital that you know which option would be the best solution that you are looking for. So here are your options.


This is one of the best solutions that Clinc offers – the companies’ financial genie. With Finie, your company can quickly start a bank-from-home process because of the virtual assistant that many customers love. With this solution, customers no more need to go to the bank to process transactions, like transferring money from their checking to savings account. Finie is considered the most technologically-advanced virtual banking assistance.


Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)

IVR is another solution that this company can offer. Interactive Voice Recognition or IVR is one of the most invested conversational classic solutions available at Clinc. Now, this innovation is widely used as part or whole with other customer service automation services available. This works best with other services like chatbots. With IVR, you can provide your customers with human to non-human interaction in an efficient manner.


The Clinc Platform can help you build world-class conversational experiences with your customer interaction. It can learn to deal with customers speaking different languages, it provides customers with the ability to change the information they have provided during the call, and it has a context retention feature that retains call or interaction history, which can make your customers feel remembered.

Why Use Conversational AI?

A lot of companies are wondering how conversational AI can help with their businesses. What they do not see are the benefits that they can enjoy when using this modern innovation. As a business, it is your goal to service your customers more efficiently and in a timely manner. And that is what conversational AI can help you with. There’s no more need for long holds if you have this setup. This technology can assist your customers anytime.

And with Clinc, the company can assist you from inception to launch. They will ensure that your conversational AI solution is up and running to make life easier for you and your customers. What the company wants you to achieve is excellent customer service. And with conversational AI, things can be done more easily and efficiently.