unique Cover Art

In this streaming era, one needs the cover art for a single and the album release. Not only the artwork should look good; they also need to meet a visual guideline of a big streaming platform when you want the music to stay accessible online.

Does the cover art still play a role in this streaming world?

Before streaming and also downloads, when a record store ruled a music world, the album cover is often all the shopper had to work on when they’re browsing shelves.

You may go on the internet and take a peek at the covers over the internet and see if you would not be intrigued/horrified when you come across, the rack without really knowing who that artist was.

For all the classic albums and a hundred more, the cover art is a window into the music therein. The thing is, it is still very much the same way today.

Modern listeners 

Listeners from today’s world are given a lot more options for music using than before. If you are scrolling through some of the music platforms like Spotify and looking for the newer tunes, then all you need to do is just click on the artist’s profile.

unique Cover Art

How do you make a decent cover art without really spending a lot of money?

You need to keep in mind, that rules are not about just limiting one’s creativity. They are in place to just protect all the parties involved (your distributor, the listeners, along with the music platforms, and lastly you). It is about creating a decent experience for the fans, avoiding things that may be a little confusing, offensive, or incorrect, and ensuring cover art is an appeal to the music, not the warning sign that a listener should turn and attend to someone else.

Does a cover for each release needs to be unique?

Yes. Each and every release should have that unique cover, so as when one scrolls through the discography they may identify every release via cover alone.

Does a text on art require to match metadata exactly?

The text on the cover art requires exactly match the information one entered for the release (artist name, the title of an album or a single, etc.). When you entered the Blueprints as an album name, it can not say that the Blueprint on cover art.