TikTok Filters

If you have already been too engrossed in anime, you must know what we are talking about here. Anime has taken the world by surprise. Anyone who has not watched anime ever believes by all their heart that it is just cartoon. They believe that it is funny and for children and that there is no storyline in anime movies and shows. Anime-lovers must have heard the last two sentences from their friends and been furious over it. It is because they know that there exist no greater stories than those portrayed in anime. The producers of the shows put so much thought into it and create such magical and highly fictional plots that it is hard to believe that humans have created this. So, naturally, people who love anime cry over the fact that anime is not much recognized in the world as it should.

Why do people love it so much?

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As mentioned earlier, once you start watching anime, it is hard to believe that humans have come up with this amazing plot and storyline. It is hard to digest that the anime world is a fictional world. To know in the heart that the characters are not real persons, instead, they are the drawings of the producer is even harder to get your mind around, as you will not get any interviews or meet-and-greets. Most animes have such gripping stories that even though the people do not understand the language that the anime is in, they continue watching. They simply cannot give up watching the show in between as every episode has something new. The story is more than what we would rarely ever find in the shows and movies involving real people.

However, there is a shift in perspective these days:

People worldwide are now recognizing the power of anime and people’s love for the same. The best way to show that you support something is through social media. It is the most personal kind of media where people are sure to notice you due to the app algorithm. You must know that photo filters on certain popular social media apps are widely used and people like to better their pictures and have some fun by using them. There are now anime filters available for the people who love anime. They can put anime character’s face on their face, and according to http://www.absoluteanime.com/articles/anime-filters-are-trending-on-social-mediathis technique is widely used and effective.