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Are you curious to know if your coins are now worth much more than their initial nominal values? Our Currency Expert has been collecting all kinds of exciting objects from a very young age, including, of course, coins. He enjoys traveling around Europe in search of the most beautiful pieces for his collection and meeting his “fellow” collectors. With more than 35 years of knowledge, coin database  he now holds a sacred collection and has forged strong ties in the world of numismatics. This allows him today to organize some of our best sales of coins while being a specialist in the valuation of old copies. He shares some of his knowledge with you here.

Where to start?

A firm advises, to begin to evaluate your coins correctly, to buy a magnifying glass with magnification x30, or more, as well as a precision balance. This will allow you to observe possible scratches better and to weigh your pieces to be able to recognize counterfeits carefully. Then, Eric suggests that you get catalogs and reference books, coin database   that you learn about exhibitions of coins while taking the opportunity to talk to experts in currencies, without forgetting to consult what is sells well or less well at auction.

coin database


The same rule applies to all collectibles: authentic objects have value, replicas do not. And this also applies to coins, of course. If you are in possession of an authentic piece, then it is worth considering the following factors in order to assess it.


How many copies have been struck? How many of them have been recast and disappeared? It is easily deductible that the rarer the coin, the more valuable it is. If you have a coin among a few rare copies in your hands that is still in circulation, it is more likely to be worthy of the most beautiful treasure chests! Another question you should ask yourself when determining its value: Is the variety of this coin rare? Does it have a transmission error? You will need to do some research by consulting books on the subject and/or seeking expert advice.