millions of animals have to face each year. Most notably, the ones who are waiting for a family in shelters and pounds.

Aside from the film industry, one more thing keeps Ryan Kavanaugh busy – the Kavanaugh Family Foundation. And yes, this is one of the reasons why he hosts charity events. He will surely make everyone in the room donate, no matter how big or small the amount is. He does all this for all the right reasons.

Whatever amount he can gather, that goes to every good deed that anyone can think of. Ryan Kavanaugh supports over 50 charities. Through these efforts, he doesn’t work alone. He involves his entire family in his philanthropy. And this is how the Kavanaugh Family Foundation started. This article will walk you through on the different avenues where the Kavanaughs help through the Kavanaugh Family Foundation.


More and more people reach out to help stray and abused animals. His support for these animal rescue groups is one of the main reasons why the Kavanaugh Family Foundation exists. They support a group called “Dog for Dog,” and this is how they feed dogs in need. Ryan Kavanaugh was also able to acquire the FreeHand pet food company. Through this, he was able to help end euthanasia. A tragic fate that millions of animals have to face each year. Most notably, the ones who are waiting for a family in shelters and pounds.

Medical Research

As a part of his philanthropy, Kavanaugh also supports different medical researches. One of them is with the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It is a reason why the board of governors gave him the 2010 Hollywood Humanitarian Award. Other than that, Kavanaugh also supports The Art of Elysium. It encourages other artists to help children who are fighting for their lives with their serious medical condition.

 Kavanaugh Family Foundation

Children and Education

Charities like the Fulfillment Fund will help children make it through college. Everyone knows that in some economically-challenged communities, going to college is considered a luxury. And with the help of the Kavanaugh Family Foundation, children who do not have the resources to proceed to college will now have the chance to do so.

Jewish Issues

Ryan Kavanaugh has always been an avid supporter fo Israel. He also supports anti-semitism like the Anti-Defamation League, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces or FIDF, America’s Voices in Israel, Hadassah, as well as the Women’s Zionist Organization of America. His undying support for Jewish issues is not a surprise for many people because he was born in a Jewish family.

Ryan Kavanaugh’s personal life and successful career will always be something that people will look up to. Many would like to be Ryan Kavanaugh in the movie industry. But hopefully, they too would love philanthropy work and help others, both humans and animals alike, just like he did.