Using FasciaBlaster

The treatment of fascia has exploded in popularity in recent years. The theory is that when it is tight, the fascia, or myofascial tissue, will lead to discomfort and cellulite. The manipulation of fascia, a technique aimed at loosening the fascia through physical stimulation and pressure, has become a subject of interest in the health and wellness realm. One widely used method of blasting is fascia. This procedure uses a device designed to remove the fascia, which is intended to minimize cellulite and pain. Here we are going to dive deeper into the fascia blasting and the science behind that process.

Fascia blasting is a method of manipulation fascial to it. It includes the fasciablaster, a hard plastic device that was invented by Ashley Black. The tool looks like a long stick attached to it, with little claws or feet.

fascia layer

There are many ways to use fasciablaster, but here’s how it usually works:

  • Warm your body up with a hot shower or a heating pad. You can massage the skin with the fascia blaster, too, gently.
  • Apply oil to the field in which you wish to work.
  • In a scrubbing motion, gently brush the fascia blaster tool over your face. Continue in one place for 2-5 minutes.
  • Repeat as needed over other areas of your body.
  • When you’re new to fascia blasting, you usually start with 1 minute or less to see how your body then feels.

During the treatment, it is recommended that you rub the skin gently and drink plenty of fluids. To minimize any swelling, you may also take a cold shower. The following are benefits claimed by FasciaBlaster and are those which have been proven and tested by loyal consumers.

  • Low cellulite
  • Tighter skin
  • Less body ache
  • Less pain in joints
  • Improved blood circulation

The claws on each of your fasciablaster tools are designed to loosen and smooth the tissue fascia layer first protecting your muscles, and then transfer within the muscles into the myo-fascia or fascia.

Just go to the self-massage machine and do what you’re asking it to do. So keep your energy and pace under control and be the master of your blasting sessions. You are the only one that can support or harm you, so listen to your fascia blasting body and its normal reactions. Your body can tell you precisely what it wants, and together, your body and the FasciaBlaster will relieve you of discomfort. It will also reduce cellulite appearance, decrease your body’s inflammation, increase your metabolism, enhance your collagen remodeling, and decrease subcutaneous fat with each FasciaBlasting session you are having.