There is a gulf between the best and the worst of drivers. It is not just inherent ability that differentiates the men from the boys. The quality of the courses to educate and train young drivers marks them out for life. Online courses are particularly suited for the DE (Driver Education) portion, for the inbuilt advantages provided. Of course, DT (Driver Training) entails behind-the-wheel on-road teaching, and must be physically attended by the driving students. But here too there is an online component, where course notes, training manuals, rules and regulations and so on can all be conveniently transferred to the student through the internet. Particularly in the USA, in technologically advanced states like CA (California), online drivers course have proved enormously effective, particularly for imparting first-class education and even training to budding Teen drivers, and turn the youngsters into brilliant, reliable experts in defensive driving.



Taking online driving courses has many advantages, some of which are:

  • Cost Efficiency is high, when compared to classroom education.
  • Convenience comes as an added benefit, as the courses can be followed anywhere anytime, and are even conveniently downloaded onto mobile devices like a smartphone.
  • There are major increases in information retention by using the online method. Data Storage comes automatically. Memory can be used more productively rather than for remembering masses of audio lectures in a classroom.
  • Since the focus of these courses is the Teens, the Parents can much more easily track their wards’ progress.

The Best

The top online drivers course available right now are:

  • IMPROV Traffic School.
  • Teen Driving Course.
  • com.Driver Ed To Go.

While each of the courses above are gems, the first (IMPROV Traffic School) must be given special mention, simply because it uses its famous comedy background to make the lessons easily memorable and long-lasting.