More about the FasciaBlaster

Cellulite has become a common problem these days and it gets worse and worse by days making this more frustrating. Even after trying a large variety of ointments, medicines, and exercises, many people are not able to get rid of visible cellulite. The main reason for not getting rid of visible cellulite is its underlying reason Fascia.

Ashley Black has designed a great tool to get rid of the underlying Fascia which in turn helps in reducing visible cellulite. Ashley Black is a beauty, fitness and health expert who has devoted herself to helping people get rid of a number of a different illness. Ashley, who overcame Rheumatoid Arthritis in her childhood, has invested her life in studies about making people fit and healthy.


The design of the FasciaBlaster was made taking into account the condition of a man who has overcome stage 4 lymphoma, it was designed to provide him some relief in the aftermath.

How is it works 

Since many people are unaware of fascia itself, the first thing is to make it known. The need to get it addressed when treating anything even like muscle soreness, migraine, scar tissues, and even slight cellulite and pregnancy fat.

Fascia is the connective tissue which is between muscle and skin, some people call it soft skeleton or Spanx, this protects our muscles and organs. Sometimes, when fascia doesn’t function properly, it becomes restrictive and penetrates the bones like cobwebs. If the fascia is thick, damaged or gets defective by any means, the blood flow gets reduced resulting in anaerobic respiration now and then and most important, cellulite collection on that particular body part.

It’s important to address the root cause first to get rid of the problems it is causing .

How to use fascia blaster

It is best to warm up that particular body part before using the tool. There is a pre blaster oil that is rubbed to get the place warm and supple.

After that use the tool and roll it over the part and then you can rub the after cream on it.