Encouraging a new generation through music

Born in Kabul, Hamed Wardak, the son of Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, spent his formative years in Pakistan and the United States of America. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Government and Political Theory. In this article, we will be giving you the details about the life of Hamed Wardak. So, if you are curious to know more about him, stay tuned for details.

Encouraging a new generation through music

Helping the refugees

With all the knowledge and experiences in life, he has put forth some ideas to benefit the refugees. Hamed is known to be one of the most popular and successful businessmen out there. Moreover, he made his venture into a clothing brand which is known as Ludas Athletics.

Humanitarian Works

Being one of those eight people who founded the campaign for the US-Pakistan Partnership (CUSAP), Hamed Wardak is a world-famous personality. This entity remains to be a non-profitable one that gives its contributions from citizens of both Afghanistan and the United States of America. The main objective of this is to attain sustainability and work on prosperity for all the Afghans. The projects that are included are mainly building bridges and canals, which play an important role in improving transportation for all citizens.

Reaching out to the generation of today

Not only has he helped the refugees from all the various parts of the globe, but he also has the vision to help the generation of today where he can offer them some help in shaping their aspirations, dreams, and lives on a whole.

Encouraging a new generation through music

Apart from all these things, Hamed also has a strong belief that music is the universal language. He reaches out to the youth of today by performing at various music events that are under the name of Valen of Wicked. This signifies the youth today where wicked is used to describe funk and coolness.

Hamed Wardak divides his time between his New York home and on the island of Puerto Rico. He is an entrepreneur who has joined the techno world of music producing, creating, and performing all his new artistry in the underground clubs all over the globe.

He strongly says that every artist needs to have the discipline that can help him focus and craft his art into a perfect completion. It seems like Hamed has lived a very long life in a short period. Also, he wants to explore music in better aspects so that he can create something better.