Hamed Wardak; a person blessed with multiple talents, who managed to climb up to the top of the corporate ladder very early in his career. That’s probably the reason he managed to cultivate his other skills. Things he always wanted to do. Financial liberty gave him that legroom to be himself and do what he really likes to do. The man has helped innumerable people who came and asked for help. Also, he has many philanthropic ventures running. His life and took another turn when he started his career I music leaving behind the corporate success. The Valen of Wicked made Hamed Wardak an overnight sensation.

Why is it Valen to be wicked? 

Wardak started his music career by techno music under the name of Valen of Wicked. His music started to get eyeballs as soon as he started to come up with those high bass techno originals. Everyone who listened to his work was inquisitive to the meaning the of the banner. Why is it Vallen of wicked? Not something else. When Hamed Wardak was asked about the same he said, it’s his pas that reflects in his music. He said he doesn’t use the word ‘wicked’ to express evil. By his definition, it’s the mixture of experiences he has had in the past, all the good and bad ones.

Drawing the parallels

 He tries to take his work, his musical work, as close as possible to his life real life, to make it more alive and relatable to the audiences. He once explained by saying, Vallen and wicked are two extremes of his life.  He believes, there is an inherent wicked in every human being. And it always acts bravery when an individual come out his shadow of wickedness and shows his kindness to the world.