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You should watch Raghavan movie, a must-watch Telugu film directed by Goutham Menon and released on August 31, 2007. Kamal Hasan is the lead role in the Raghavan movie and performed as a cop with never seen energy.

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Raghavan (Kamal Hassan) is a go-getting efficient police inspector with the designation ACP. Anand Raj (Prakash Raj) is a colleague to Raghavan. A local villain kills Meenakshi (Kamalini), Raghavan’s love. Though Anand Raj, a senior to Raghavan, helps in taking his revenge for Meenakshi.

As days go on, AnandRaj’s daughter gets murdered by an unknown villain. Later the story moved to New York. There, Anand Raj and his wife get killed. As a part of the investigation, Raghavan moves to the US. He meets a divorcee, Jyothika.

Raghavan and the FBI, how they investigated, is the remaining story of this movie. 

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 168 min

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices. 

A cast of the movie 

Stars:kamal Hassan, kamalinee Mukherjee, Jyothika, Prakash Raj

Screenplay – direction:Gowtam Menon

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Producer: KVV Satyanarayana

Released date: August 31, 2007 

Watch Raghavan, a complete thriller entertainer.

This action thriller movie is about an efficient, capable, and loyal Deputy Commissioner of Police Raghavan(Kamal Hassan), who does his work with utmost sincerity, one fine day, there comes a case where his colleague commissioner of police AnandRaj’s (Prakash Raj) daughter got kidnaped.

And here comes the twist in the story, when he deeply starts investigating the case that there are a series of kidnappings and killings are registered which eventually connected to a single psycho killer and which is also connected to the past cases of Raghavan. How did Raghavan crack this case? Up to what extent did Raghavan go to solve this case? Watch this exciting crime thriller, Raghavan, in aha platform. 

Top 5 Reasons to watch Kamal Hassan’s Raghavan movie

  1. This movie is supposed to be a real-life incident as per the FBI scenes shared.
  2. The lead cast Kamal Hassan and Prakash Raj, are a key highlight of the movie.
  3. As in every Gowtam Menon movie, even in Raghavan, the lead actress was portrayed very well.
  4. The action sequences are one of the major assets of the movie.
  5. Gowtam Menon, known for his mass flicks, once again proved his metal in the directional department. 

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Both Prakash Raj and Kamalini performed best for their length of the role in the movie. Jyothika performed well in her character and unseen in her previous career. Gowtam Menon has directed this film, similar to the James Bond-style, investigation based movie.

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Kamal Hasan is the special asset of the movie Raghavan. He delivered his career-best performance like a sincere police officer again. There are many reasons to watch this best action film in south India Telugu language. The action thriller movie is currently streaming on Aha OTT.