Registered Behavior Technician

Registered Behavior Technician or RBT is the paraprofessional mainly responsible for the implementation of the behavior-analytic services. They are the nationally recognized certification that is granted by BACB to people who, after completing their 40hours of training and passing the competency assessment and proctored exam, will work with kids on an autism spectrum. The Registered Behavior Technicians practices under the ongoing and close supervision of the Board Certified Behavior Analyst for betterment of these children.

RBT is one position that is responsible to deliver direct instruction, using behavior plans designed by the BCBA, collecting data & maintaining the professional relation with the parents and community.

Responsibilities of an RBT

Responsibilities of an RBT

Here are a few duties that you will find in the RBT job description:

  • Assisting BCBAs when directed with the behavior reduction assessments & skill acquisition programs.
  • Collecting data about the students’ behaviors by direct observation.
  • Nurturing social skills of the students’.
  • Communicating any behavioral intervention results in the students’ parents & caregivers.
  • Teaching students specific behavior skills in the treatment plans.

Whenever you accept any new position as the school-based RBT, you must talk to BCBAs you are going to work with them. You need to ask them what tasks you will have to perform on your own and what tasks you will be helping them with.

The exact duties differ based on the supervisors’ immediate preferences and needs. Complete and pass an RBT Competency Assessment, where an assessor evaluates and observes your performance of the RBT tasks (personally, live through internet and through the recorded videos).


The RBT appears to be perfect for other educational, social and health services staffs who just dabble in ABA principles with some challenged pupils and patients. Suppose you seek more freedom in the behavior analysis, then the best thing is pursuing the undergrad and master’s degree for the BCBA certification.