African American businessmen get ever-increasing successful records in their competitive business sector mainly because of their commitment to enhancing every aspect of the business on a regular basis. Richelieu Dennis is a qualified African American business owner from Liberia. He left Liberia because of the civil unrest. He and his mother relocated to US with an aim to realize his American dream. This duo went on for successfully commencing the company. His mother balanced the books while he was tasked with all the efforts for marketing the products.  His grand mom was from Sierra Leone and he used to make soap there to earn a living.

Early career life of Richelieu Dennis

Richelieu Dennis joined in a small yet very famous college Babson College recommended for its focus on mentoring young entrepreneurs. He had a plan to go home to Liberia after college and start citrus farming. However, he and his mother had no other option other than staying in the US. His mom changed into his business partner. He used his business skills learned in college and economic background of his mother to start a company from nowhere. He and her mother enhanced their efforts together to make the company Sundial Brands a billion-dollar company.

Richelieu Dennis achieved a notable success with Sundial Brands as this business successfully competes with the large multinational companies. He has been rewarded mainly for his dedication and hard work. The net worth of Dennis is increasing as the Sundial Brands expanding to African countries. He is the CEO of the company Sundial Brands bought by Unilever in 2018. He is estimated to have $400 million net worth.  He has a dedication to enhancing his skills to develop the business further and providing the best guidelines for everyone in the business sector to excel without complexity in any way.