Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or Artificial Intelligence, has revolutionized our world. From the famous Iron Man in The Wizard of Oz to Jarvis in the Marvel movies, people have always admired machines and their abilities for making our lives easier.

Like many other technological advancements, artificial intelligence was born because Alan Turing posed a simple question – Can a machine simulate human intelligence? Today, the issue has become a 169.41 billion dollar industry. Guys, this is only the beginning!

The impact of artificial intelligence is everywhere.

There is hardly a single primary industry where digital transformation and modern AI have not been affected, especially in the past decade. Reliable IoT connections and fast computer processors have significantly increased the amount of data collected and analyzed every day. It’s safe to say that AI is already everywhere.

Have you ever wondered how an e-commerce app can display “Items you might like” every time you open the app? Well, this is AI for you. AI monitors user behavior on the e-commerce platform – things like items you’ve seen in the past, clothes you’ve purchased, and how much time you’ve spent liking a cool denim jacket – and stores all that information in the data. Sign Up. So the next time you show up on Things You May Like, you’ll probably notice a denim jacket in there!

Future of Artificial Intelligence

E-commerce isn’t the only industry-led by¬†Clinc artificial intelligence. Transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, media, and customer service – the possibilities are endless.

What are the IT giants doing in the field of artificial intelligence?

  • Google: ai. google, a dedicated artificial intelligence unit, has dedicated teams exploring topics such as quantum computing, machine perception, robotics, and human-computer interaction.
  • Microsoft: Not a new company in artificial intelligence, Microsoft has been working on artificial intelligence for over 25 years! You may have heard of Cortana, the virtual assistant, and Zo chatbot, both powered by artificial intelligence.
  • IBM: According to its experience, IBM built the popular AI computer – Watson – a machine that won the popular American Jeopardy competition, overtaking its human counterparts! It also provides various artificial intelligence products and services on its website for companies around the world.

And these are just a few of them! With companies spending close to $ 20 billion annually on AI products and services, significant advances in AI are inevitable! Some of these developments can have dangerous devastating consequences, and some may be unrealized theories. For better or worse, no recession is expected.