One of the controversial companies back in the year 2018 is the MoviePass. It is an established business that aims to provide a digital-based movie ticketing service. The people behind it seek to come up with an innovative approach in availing movie tickets.

Ted Farnsworth, the CEO of Helios and Matheson, which is the mother company of MoviePass, aspire to increase the digital way they developed. Together with the help of the former advisor and currently the CEO of MoviePass, the aspiration of Farnsworth was tackled. Then, they came up with strategies that successfully led to a higher user base.

When they perfectly executed their strategies with proof of success, they became increasingly more hungry than ever for more success. They explore more things and try out other more strategies. Their time to time changes with their offers because of their intense implementation of the strategy; their user base became confused about the brand.

From the continuous success of MoviePass, Farnsworth and Lowe did not expect that everything would fall. It is because they knew their strategies were right and had a strong basis. But little they did not know; their strategies became controversial for the current users of the MoviePass. The confusion and controversies made the company inevitably face its bankruptcy then closure in the year 2019.

The controversial story of Moviepass remains up to this time. That’s why a documentary has begun to progress for the public to enlighten the truth about their story.

The All-Access to the Story

            Surely, many people are interested in the untold story about the fall of the famous company, MoviePass. It simply shows how people recognized it as an amazing and popular brand back then; they will become highly interested in their story.

            The all-access to their story will be told through a documentary of the great producer, David Broome. In this documentary, the people behind the company will have tell-all information about what happened through the highs and lows. Those things are hard to share because of the difficult process they have been through. But their mission is to share with the people what happened, to enlighten them on the truth.

            For the real information on what happened inside the well-known MoviePass, its Chairman and CEO will share the truth on how everything happened from their success journey into their downfalls. They will share how everything went down that they have never expected through their personal experiences. All of this interesting and intriguing information will soon be out through a documentary.