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Have you ever been alone at home, bored, wondering how it would be nice to see Drake sing life?

This is where the team that follows E11EVEN – a club “so special” that Halsey couldn’t find a table during last year’s Super Bowl, with rolling breasts, world-famous DJs, and fan-like fans – long ago – the first of its kind. They are working with a New York Property Markets Group engineer to build the first living tower with the name of nightlife in Marc Roberts Miami – and possibly anywhere.

If so, you may want to go to downtown Miami.

Initially, the Marc Roberts Miami company was started as a hotel business, with 375 units of 65-story E11EVEN Hotel & Residences sold out, earning about $ 350 million worth. By the time they highlighted the project on November 11, the developers had already introduced the next step: the 461-unit E11EVEN Residences Beyond.

“It is the first time in the history of PMG that we have introduced Phase 2 before the break-up,” said Ryan Shear, PMG’s chief executive officer. Together with the blue bridge) will provide residents with an affordable place to keep the party jumping. Prices start at around $ 300,000 and, for real footballers, go up to $ 25 million.

Residents will enjoy special benefits:

A 20,000-square-foot 11-floor pool that operates like a Las Vegas beach club; the only national spa with the official Deepak Chopra license; a health center that provides yoga, meditation, and custom therapy (morning afterward); a casino-style lounge with stadium seats and sports betting (depending on changing Florida rules); modern fitness center; 3,500-square-foot work area; even a stand on the roof of a helicopter

But the biggest advantage of these drippy customers is “quick access” to the first club across the street, where Drake played five times – and hosted other celebrities, including 50 Cent, Cardi B, Naomi Campbell, and Pitbull.Everything is scheduled to open sometime between 2024 and 2025.

“We feel really good that we’re in the middle of something in the future for people to consider the city of Miami, the best of Miami,” said Michael Simkins, owner of E11EVEN Partners, and Dennis DeGori and Marc Roberts Miami. “E11EVEN is a way of life, not just a nightclub. We thought it would be vertical, and now we have clothing and merchandise, part of the sound/speaker, and even vodka – but at its core, E11EVEN is a hospitality company. ”