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Your credit score is a significant figure that may have a significant influence on your financial well-being. Therefore, being aware of the elements that influence your credit score might be advantageous when making financial decisions in the future.

Buying something now and paying afterwards is a financing plan that enables customers to make purchases without paying for them all at once. Learn more from Credova Finance.

Credova Finance

The operation of BNPL

  • You make a purchase and buy at a participating shop and choose the buy now, pay later option at the time of check out, saving money.
  • You will make a modest down payment if you are authorized (which you will find out in seconds).
  • The remaining balance is then laid down in a series of interest-free payments until the account is completely paid off.
  • Your payment options include a cheque or bank transfer. Payments may also be debited from your debit card, bank account, or credit card account regularly.

The number will be checked by banks and other lending organisations when you ask for a loan to establish your credit risk level. This relates to the possibility and probability that you will pay your payments on time, and it might influence whether or not you are authorised for a loan in the first place.

Your credit score will also impact the loan amounts that may be granted, as well as the interest rate that will be charged or implemented on such loans. If your credit score is really poor, the lender may even turn down your loan application completely.